Saturday, 4 October 2014

October Selfie Competion

Hi Girls

My new competition 'October Selfie' is now open. All those who are interested, please submit your best girly selfie. The winner will get a copy of both my finished stories, and a copy of the new one for free. So the competition is open. Extra points for slutty clothes/lingerie and make-up. 

Good luck girls!

Rachel xx


  1. How Can I Submit?

  2. Please make some new captions. Yours are the best and I'm going through withdrawals. :-(

  3. So is this blog dead?

  4. Not dead, Just on hiatus at the moment as the rachelsperils blog is taking up more of my time xx

  5. If this blog isn't dead then why haven't u posted in 3 months. I look forward to your new captions but there haven't been any.