Monday, 13 January 2014

Welcome To Womanhood


  1. Totally hot. Really. It's like I asked my obgyn last time I saw her, as did I tell her I was like horny. But not horny as one weeks think. Like I'm so hay I rarely get any hardness in my clitty region, but I will say I love the tingles and shivers I get throughout my body and clitty regions as do I find myself rubbing my nipples, moaning and biting to licking my lips allot. As did I tell her that it's like my idea of horny, isn't me getting off so much, as did I find I like getting others off, as in that gets me of somehow. She laughed and told me it will get worse and then she smiled and went about checking me out more. That was my gynecologist. Which I find I simply love her. I'm on 6mg estradiol and Spiro is 100mg daily. A dosage I simply love.

    I didn't tell her how I find being a more controlled or Dirtified whore to be over the top or how much more submissive I think I've become. Nor did I mention the hypnosis addiction I think I have lol. Or that I find myself living more revealing or provacative female fashions instead of the fashions I use to love that blended in more.

    It's crazy at times, as I often times think I'd be happier on my knees

  2. It's like my goals or ambitions are even changing a little. Like when I see a woman I use to look at her fashions n think how they'd look on me. Anymore I'm only seen to be interested in fashions that men or cock might like n get aroused or turned on when I can flirt or tease them a bit